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Airtight Storage Bag with Pump

Long-term storage

Long-term storageLong-term storage

HAGY PACK is the best choice as a long-term rice stocker.

First of all, HAGY PACK does not have any air such as Oxygen and other elements. Soft packof HAGY PACK is evacuable, pump-up can reduce pressure very much. As a result, contents are difficult to oxidize and bugs are also difficult to happen.

HASY PACK is easy to use, repeatable, no-desiccant, no-deoxidant and economy. Capacity variation is available from 500g to 30kg.

Rich and aromatic


HAGY PACK is the best choice for coffee, tea, dry fruit, pasta and nuts storage.

Fresh aroma and rich taste never run from HAGY PACK. You can enjoy fresh , rich and aromatic contents any time.

For professional use


Type-B and C with separated pump are easy to stock bigger size of contents than Type-A. Cleaner attachment can deair fast for the big size of the pack. Type-C equips specialized filters for fine powers such as wheat flour and buckwheat flour.

How to Use

Put contents iside the HAGY PACK, handle the pump 4 to 5 times, that's all. Easy to use, repeatable, no-desiccant, no-deoxidant and economy.

How to Use


Mr. Tadashi Hagiwara who is the first Japanese NASA engineer develops HAGY PACK with his expertize around liquid mechanics. HAGY PACK is simple and easy to use but made up with high-technology.


How to Buy

Type-A with integrated pump will be available on Amazon.co.jp,domestic shipping only. Type-B and C will be availalbe forprofessional use. Please contact us.

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